HONG KONG PAIRS


This popular family game, where you have to find matching pairs, can now be played whilst enjoying a slice of Hong Kong life. This vibrant city comes to life with 40 unique pictures that tell tales of a city gone by and one right on the cutting edge of life. Dive into the culture, hustle, bustle and beauty of the city, whilst giving your brain a work out.

What makes this edition so unique, is the booklet that accompanies the game. It will give you an inside view of the city. Do you know how many taxi’s there are in Hong Kong? Or why goldfish are such popular pets? The answers to these questions and many more fun and interesting facts about Hong Kong can be found in the booklet.

This high quality game will make a perfect gift for everybody who wants to keep their memory of Hong Kong alive.


This set of 3 stainless steel Christmas Ornaments will sparkle up your Christmas tree. But they are too beautiful to get them only out for Christmas. They also make great wall decorations.

With three different designs per box you can now experience a touch of Hong Kong wherever you are!

Each box contains
Hong Kong Sampan
Birdcage with 2 birds
Lantern with the text Merry Christmas in Chinese

A perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones overseas.

                          MY HONG KONG BABY BOOK


MY HONG KONG BABY BOOK is a place to keep all your precious pregnancy, baby and young childhood memories alive.
From the first ultrasound until the day your child goes to school. From the first smile till the first self portrait, it is all in here with a touch of Hong Kong throughout the book.

There is a place in this book to keep your mementos, thoughts and special events to look back on and treasure.
It also gives you the space to note down, with dates, all the milestones and memorable moments: first steps, first wobbles, up to and beyond the first day at school.
Special celebrations like birthdays, first Christmas and holidays, it's all covered in this book.

It also has empty pages for you to fill with your child's artwork, extra pictures and nice story's to make it even more personal.
MY HONG KONG BABY BOOK is a unique memento that your child will cherish for the rest of his/her life. 

                           HONG KONG WRAPPING PAPER

If you want to make your gifts extra special, you now have the chance.
With this double sided wrapping paper you can wrap all your gifts with a touch of Hong Kong.
On one side you will find 19 different pictures of Hong Kong and on the other side there is a drawing of the skyline.
Per gift you can choose which side suits best (or with different presents you have 2 designs for the price of 1)

This high quality wrapping paper is packed per 2 rolls of 200 x 70 cm (79" x 27,5")

                                                   HONG KONG GIFT CARDS

A pack of 10 gift cards + envelopes with 10 unique pictures of Hong Kong gives you the perfect card for each occasion. Each card has an explanation about the picture on the front.

These unique set of cards gives you the perfect card for each occasion. 

                        MY HONG KONG FRIENDS


A booklet full of pictures and dear memories
With people moving in and out of Hong Kong all the time, this book is a great way to keep your memories about your friends alive.
Collect all your friends in one booklet, and create lifetime memories!

You probably have a lot of friends in Hong Kong, but do you know their favourite spot in Hong Kong? Or what your friends' favourite food is? What is the best memory your friends have of you? Ask your friends to write in this booklet and you will know the answers to all these questions. For each friend there is space for personal memories and pictures. My Hong Kong Friends is a booklet full of beautiful pictures and interesting facts about your favourite places in Hong Kong.  If you keep this booklet it will become one of your dearest memories of Hong Kong! It is something for you and your family to share and treasure for the rest of your life.
A perfect  product for children age 4-12 years.

                                HONG KONG BATH TOYS


These fun bath toys represent the highlights of Hong Kong.

You can build the skyline, move around with your favorite transportation or play with the Big Budha or pink dolphin.
When wet they will stick to your bathroom wall, and after use you either leave them on your wall or store them is this convenient bag.

This Hong Kong bath toys will make your bath time a joy day after day!
Perfect for children from 6 moth - 6 years old.

                                                          HONG KONG FRIDGE MAGNET

These unique fridge magnets give a good overview of Hong Kong. They come in a package with 14 magnets with different images of Hong Kong. You will see the skyline, star ferry, Big Buddha, tram and taxi, but also the mooncake and lion dance.
They make nice decorations on your fridge and are strong enough to hold paper.

Perfect gift for all ages.

All photo credit by THINQ HONG KONG LTD.
Except pink dolphin, used in My Hong Kong Friends, Hong Kong Bath Toys and Hong Kong fridge magnets.
Photo credits pink dolphin: © Ken Fung, Hong Kong Dolphinwatch
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